Senior Forensic Animator

At Redline I have worked in every part of the production environment. Having worked as both a team member and project lead I was able to utilize industry leading techniques in evidence gathering and 3D graphics reproduction.

Translating Evidence Into Compelling Visuals


Working at Redline we utilized drones and 3D scanners to accurately create 3D models of sites and vehicles purely from images and laser scans. This ensured that any of our visuals were admissible in the United States Court of Law.

Project Highlight

Role: Project Lead


Dump Truck Brake Failure


Project Lead

3D modeling





Led a team of 3 associates to complete this project. Purpose of this project was to integrate 3D elements into live action footage. I surveyed the site in person and assisted with drive thru video and Lidar capture. I was also responsible for 3D modeling, texturing, vehicle motion, lighting, rendering and compositing both site and vehicles. I also met with accident reconstruction engineer regularly to ensure vehicle motion matched up with physical evidence at the scene and his analysis.

Point Cloud Stills

Point Cloud Drive-Thru

Final Deliverables

Additional Work Samples

Responsible for damaged 3D model and scene layout.

Responsible for Bridge, Characters, Texturing, Lighting, Rendering, and Compositing